5 easy ways to loose weight

How many times we have seen post like this that promise us to help us to lose weight, too many right? well today I am going to share with you 5 things you can do or may be you already do that will help you to lose weight without even trying, maybe you do them already but you are not aware that they help you, 

5 trucos fáciles para perder peso

5 trucos fáciles para perder peso

1. Drink water, this is something that comes in every single diet, drink water, but why? well firstly to keep your body hydrated, but also cause the hunger and thirst sensations can feel the same, so you can feel hungry but what you really are is thirst, and we eat when we shouldn’t so keep drinking water regularly to don’t eat when it’s not need it, 

2. Control your portions, even if you are not dieting control these portions will help us to stay in shape, a trick is to stop eating when you are not hungry any more, and eat slowly cause the brain takes up to 20 minutes to receive the signal of being full, so eat slow and stop when you are not hungry, a trick is to use a smaller plate, that will look like you eating good amount of food with the same portion, 

3. Surround yourself with healthy people, keep your surrounds with people that keeps their diet healthy is one of the best ways to keep in shape, haven’t you think some times “If they wouldn’t order pizza I would have gone for a salad”, well that’s it, if you surround yourself with people that eats healthy that will make you easier to lose weight or to stay on shape, 

4. Drink diuretic teas, drink green or red tea will help you to eliminate extra liquids of your body making you feel lighter, also will accelerate your metabolism making you burn more fat, 

5. Sleep good, sleep good and take your time to do so, firstly you will snack less cause in night time is when we snack more and also the growth hormone comes in action to regenerate the cells, but also has the properties of activating the metabolism and burn fat, so go to bed before midnight and sleep your necessary hours, 

I hope you liked this tricks, they are easy to follow and you may follow some of them already, here you have more tips posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy, 

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