About me

Welcome to my blog, I am Silvia Quirósprofessional photographer, the first time I have a camera in my hands it was quite late, but when it happen I know my future was there between my hands.

I´ve been drawing since I can remember and take the step to photography made a lot of sense.

I´ve moved to London to started my photography training, it turned out that was the time to grow, to learn about life, not to study photography, after a year and a half in London and another year and a half living in Norway and in Sweden I moved back to Spain where finally I started my photography training.

I took one general digital photography course and short after that I won the National Geographic Photography contest Spain 2008. after that I took a couple of other photography and photography related courses more, Digital Art and Travel and journalism photography.

As soon as I finished the courses I signed a collaboration contract with Cordon Press , photographers agency, which still on. In 2009 I made some progress in my career, I was part of a photography exhibition, my first exhibition, in the famous “Circulo de Bellas Artes” in Madrid and I was part of the jury of the first journalism photography contest from the school CEV . A month ago (more than a year ago) I took a big step on my career, after all that time from this moment on I was going to start to live of my  photography, now starts my big opportunity and I wont disappoint anyone, thats up to me and I will make sure I reach the highest point I can possibly get.

Then something happen in 2010, for some reason I´ve got the change to be able to attent a makeup artist course at ESIP. At the beginning I was very afraid cause I didn´t know much about this world and I didn´t really know what I was doing there but after a little while I could see that I was able to do amazing things with the makeup, and I started to use the makeup as another way to express my artistic site.

In February 2011 I dediced to start using my Youtube channel that I had opened long time ago and I never used, so I started filming with my Mac at my home and I uploaded my first video. Since that moment step by step I started becoming more and more confortable infront of the camera and started to let my imagination run free, step by step I improved my videos, with better light, location and editing, to get where I am now.

A Few months after that I decided to start using my blog also was open a few years ago, and now I am on in this F1 car running like crazy in this youtube and blog adventure, happy as ever and with energy to continue for long time, teaching all I know to everyone who wants to learn from me and follow me, thanks to all of you for being there, and to follow this blog, an important part of my youtube channel, thanks

If you want to see some of my work check out my website www.silviaquiros.com