My night time routine

A few weeks ago I shared with you my day time routine and natural makeup, today I want to share with you my night time routine, everything that I do before going to bed, steps to use the regeneration of the cells process that happens in night time as much as possible,

The cell regeneration is that important why we have to make sure we do our night time routine, we can not skip it, even if you are tired, is too late or you are lazy don’t skip it, just take off your makeup and dirt and add some moisturize it will be enough at least,

At the video you will see how I do all of these, find it below,

Mi rutina de noche

Mi rutina de noche

1. Firstly is the cleansing process, is one of the most important process cause you can’t go to bed with makeup or pollution on the face, I use a micelar solution to clean the makeup off of my face, using a cotton pad for the face and other one for the eyes for more details I use a cotton tip, 

2. Next is the deep cleansing, for that I use a cream or gel cleanser with water and take everything left off, if you do this step make sure you bring back the balance of the Ph to the face by using a toner, other wise you can skip this step if you don’t like to use much water on your face, 

3. Serum, this is the first step of the skin care, not just cause it has a deeper concentration of actives but also canse it helps the rest of the skin care products to penetrate better, 

4. If you are using an eye cream go ahead and use it now, I am not having so much problems with bags or under eye color so I use it just sometimes, 

5.Moisturizer, with this step we give hydration to the skin and also all the active necessaries to help the cell regeneration, so make sure you chose a very moisturizer night cream that has thicker and stronger hydration concentration to help this process, in my case that I have dry skin I chose a high hydration cream, don’t worry if the night creams has greasier texture cause you will be sleeping, and it won’t matter, 

6. Next comes the extra, I start with my hair, I like to brush it from the ends all the way upwards to prevent damaging and once is ready I add to the middle and ends a bit of dry oil to moisturize this area, a tip is to sleep with your hair loose to prevent breaking and damaging, 

7. Then I brush my teeth with a whitening tooth past and I use this time to think in next day agenda, 

8. I finish the routine once a week by applying a natural lip scrub, mix vaseline and brown sugar and rub it into your lips for a bit, then take it off and add a coat of vaseline and you will feel your lips, soft, smooth and nice, and the lipstick will look nicer, 

9. Last step just before going to sleep is to do a very quick and easy tightening  effect and anti aging by sitting on the bed border and lay my elbows on my knees and make soft pressure in different areas of the face, check out the video for the demonstration to see how,

And we are ready to go to sleep, just make sure you got  sleep before midnight to get everything as possible from the regeneration process,

I hope you liked it, here you have the day time routine,

See you next one and be happy, 

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