What’s hyaluronic acid?

The hyaluronic acid is one of these actives that everyone is talking about, that many of our skin care products has it and is a must, but, what’s hyaluronic acid? somebody has told explain us how it works?, why is so good to be present in our products? and how really works? well today I am telling you all of that,

In this post I will unveil all the secrets behind this magnificent active, benefits and why the fame, 

Que es el ácido hialurónico?

Que es el ácido hialurónico?

Let’s start by saying that hyaluronic acid or HA is an active ingredien, more specifically a polysaccharide, the group of glycosaminoglycans having structural function, with a viscous texture, mainly present in the joints and skin cartilage, one of it’s great properties is to retain large amounts of water and provide lubrication, since 1996 has been used as an important ingredient in cosmetic use for its multiple uses as hydration of the epidermis or providing smoother skin,

Being a substance that is present in the body is completely tolerable and have a “cushion” effect not only has a cosmetic but medical use to help lubricate joints, even it is a substitute of organic fluids of the eye in cataract removal, corneal transplants and retinal detachments surgeries,

Thanks to solid scientific evidence has been shown that after four weeks of treatment with hyaluronic acid shows that this active has filled the hole left by the lost collagen, stimulating it’s production due to swelling of the fibroblasts, providing a doble effect, seeing improvements cumulative effect over time of treatment and the hydration effects of short-term,

But the most popular use has certainly been in the cosmetics with a use as active in skin care products to provide hydration and activate collagen production it’s called the “fount of life” but is also an active widely used at injection fillers for aesthetic use as lip filler, cheek bones rise, reducing dark circles, wrinkles thinning etc, to provide water and volume and cause it’s a substance that is present in the body and reabsorbed the filling experience is healthy and reversible ,

As in everything there are many qualities and there are also many types of professionals, but the active ingredient will be present in the cosmetic and beauty for a long time, one of those assets that benefit and are a positive plus for care treatments, maximum concentration being nowadays 2% ,

In summary, it is an active that can be used as part of a treatment facial care that provide hydration and help collagen production so the skin will be more elastic and flexible, and aesthetic treatment adding volume and filling free spaces left by collagen and activating it’s production, especially being an substance that is already present in our body making fully accepted and that the fillers are reversible because it is absorbed by the body itself ,

I hope you have been able to dispel doubts , I leave more tips and tricks posts,

See you tomorrow, be happy,

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