How to calm down a sun burn

Something I’ve been repeating the last months, actually since I open my blog over 4 years ago is that we need to get protected from the Sun, always, even when we are not in summer season and the Sun in stronger, but even so today we will cover the matter or calm down a sun burn.

Como calmar una quemadura solar

Como calmar una quemadura solar

First thing to say is that is necessary, mandatory during the summer season you always use a sunblock, even if you are in the city, and if you are in a intense exposure situation like the beach, the pool, in a mountain or lake you should re apply the sunblock every 2 hours.

So well let’s think that we didn’t follow this suggestions and we end up with sun burn in our skin, so the first thing is to move away from the sun, if you feel like you are burning, your skin hurts when you touch it or is too hot or start getting red, move away from the sun, get cover! your beach day is over!!

The next step is to cold down the area, take a cold water bath to cold down the burned are, at the same time I suggest you to drink water.

Not is time to calm the area, we can go for an after sun, a specific product to calm down the sun exposure area even if you are not burned, but if you are a bit more burned or the red is pretty intense go for something more intense and effective like an aloe vera gel. 

One trick my mom used to do when I got sun burned, that did’t happen often but it happen to my sister a lot, she is much lighter skin than me and she tent to burn easily so my mom use to put cloths or towel dip into water with vinegar to take off the fire of the skin, and it really helps, then after this I suggest to add the aloe vera gel.

And the last step is to hydrate, apply a moisturizer and re apply it often, use an after sun or a moisturizer cream to keep your skin calm and to have it as comfortable as possible the area, but if you skin it was pretty burned you have for sure you will peel off that skin.

I hope you liked this tips, but remember to always apply and re apply your sunblock so you don’t have to follow this tips at all, here you have other tips posts,

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See you tomorrow and be happy,

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