Healthy snacks

One of the questions I ask myself the most to keep my healthy diet is, what should I eat between hours?, what has not excessive fat and calories? what is good for my health and diet?

So many questions that are easy to answer, today I put together a few healthy options to keep our sugar level on blood balance and not straggle with hunger,

Tentenpies sanos

Tentenpies sanos

1. Dark chocolate, yes dark chocolate, this is the healthy sweets or chocolate we can have, it has enough calories and sugar but not excessive and yet help to keep control our sweet tooth,

2. Popcorn, with nothing added, not butter, no cheese, no sweet popcorn, just pain popcorn are good to snack and for it’s texture helps to feel full,

3. An apple, all the fruit is good, but in particular the apple is good for it’s way to eat it, the crunch when eating it makes us feel full and satisfied,

4. Hummus, this chickpeas paste is very satisfying and with high level of proteins for the beans and it taste very good, but careful with the quantity of bread,

5. Nuts, this another way to have a high protein intake, but go for the toasted and not fried and with not extra salt or honey to no defeat the purpose of healthy snack,

I hope you liked it and as always you can leave me your opinion or share any of your snacks on the comments,

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See you tomorrow and be happy,

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