Beauty tips for woman in their 30’s

Skin care is basic in all ages but it gets even more important as we turn up years, but as we grow old we need to make sure we keep doing them and in more specific way to get our skin in the best state possible,

Today I gather some of my most important beauty tips, as a woman in my 30’s, that I think are essential,

Consejos de belleza para las treintañeras

Consejos de belleza para las treintañeras

The tips I will share with you today aren’t place in a important order,

1. Hydration, this is nothing new but we have to keep moisturized our skin as we grow old, cause as we do our skin tents to get drier and drier so we need to keep moisturizing it, is good to step into anti aging products but do not forget the hydration,

2. Use sunblock all year around, again not news, but it’s good to remember it, take care and protect the skin from the UV from the Sun damaging our skin is very important cause to that it add the sun stains and depigmentation that happens when our skin grows older, so make sure your use sunblock all year around,

3. Add antioxidant and fatty acids to your diet, these will help you fight agains free radicals that can damage and change the cell’s DNA from the antioxidant and help the grow of your nails and keep your skin moisturized and avoid dryness with the fatty acids,

4. Choose specific treatments, getting a certain age is necessary to move from moisturizing to anti aging properties of your treatments, making some hyaluric acid, enzyme Q10, Vitamin E, antioxidant etc are present on our skin care products will provide hydration, work on the flexibility and firm skin and reduce the expression lines,

5. DO NOT skip a skin care routine, never ever skip washing your face and applying your skin care routine, being constant is what really makes a product works,

6. Healthy diet and water, and of course it couldn’t be finish with a good healthy diet reducing saturated fats and also plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and your skin in the best conditions, we are what we eat,

I hope you liked my tips, those tips I follow without a doubt, leave me on a comment your tips that you always follow I would love to read them,

Here you have more beauty tips,

See you this afternoon with a DIY and be happy,

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