Avoid frizz hair

When the fall is coming the frizz hair is one of the most seeing problems, I will give you different options to prevent the frizz hair,

Evita el pelo encrespado

Evita el pelo encrespado

Don’t wash your hair every day, removing the natural oil of the hair every day will make your hair be more frizzy, wash your hair every other day to leave the natural hair oil reduce the frizz of your hair,

Go for a ions charged blow dryer to reduce the frizz, also go for a ion charged brush,

Use a heat tools like straighteners or curlers to avoid the frizz hair, but always use a heat protector before,

Hydrated the hair with dry oil, one of the symptoms of dehydrated hair is a frizz hair so make sure you moisturizer your hair with dry oil to don’t add grease to it and weight,

Avoid drying out your hair with a towel cause can add frizz, to take off the water go for a wide tooth comb to remove that water and don’t add frizz,

I hope you liked these tips, here you have more hair posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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