4 bad eating habits

All of us wants to have healthy diet and balanced eating habits cause that means feeling better, have more energy and be more active but sometimes we have bad eating habits and we are not aware of it and it could unbalanced our diet, today we will talk about some of them,

5 Malos hábitos de comida

5 Malos hábitos de comida

Skip a meal, this is one of the major flaws that can be made, skipping a meal especially breakfast and dinner have worse consequences than we think, if we skip breakfast is what makes us to snack over the midmorning more than what we would do if we had something healthy breakfast and if we skip dinner we will be with un empty stomach during the nigh our blood glucose levels get too low creating a very intense peaks that may eventually develop diabetes,

Not paying attention to eat, this is something we do more than we think, not paying attention to eat while we work or be at your computer makes us overeat just take a few minutes to eat and pay attention to it,

Dinner in front of the TV, this has much to do with the previous point, if we sit in front of the TV to dinner what can end up in overeating and also eat some habits food related to watching TV,

Snacking, the best way to eat is to split our meal at 5 intakes, and managed to create a circle of burning calories throughout the day, the problem is when we divide our daily food in three intakes and add the pecking between meals, that is what will increase the amount and daily calories,

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