Serum concentrate Lumiere De Vie

The Lumiere de Vie line is the new generation skin care products, promoting the natural cell renewing, bringing luminosity to the face and showing a revitalized skin while leaving a fresh and better quality looking face,

This is a first aids line that calm, renew, moisturizer and protect the skin with natural ingredientes and the highest technology,

The Serum Concentrate Lumiere De Vie is the star of the collection, with antioxidant and brightening effects, with extracts that promote collagen production for a firmer skin reducing the fine lines and giving luminosity and radiant touch to the skin at the same time,

Serum concentrado Lumiere De Vie

Serum concentrado Lumiere De Vie

Among the ingredients we can find the powerful Juvenessence ® seaweed extract that protects the skin against oxidative stress, keeping hydrated, firm and smooth skin,

Syteno ® or Bakuchiol is a multifunctional ingredient that promotes the collagen and elastin production in the skin, protecting against oxidative stress, moisturizing, smoothing and controlling sebum production in a normal and healthy level,

Synovea ® HR or  Hexylresorcinol has been tested to reduced dark spots of the skin, clarifying and providing uniformity skin supports the antioxidant system and protecting the skin against oxidative stress,

Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a soluble form of vitamin C that promotes collagen productions in the skin helping to brightening the face,

Asiatic Centella extract containing various antioxidant compounds,

Or tocopherol acetate or vitamin E that has antioxidant and neutralizing free radicals properties,

All these to get promote collagen and elastin productions to improve firmness and softness of the face, reducing fine lines and skin lightening, protecting against free radicals and preventing oxidative stress and support the natural skin barrier maintaining hydration ,

As great recognition of the concentrated serum Lumiere de Vie was the award received has high recommended new premium skin care product on the last Beauty Awards 2014,

A great product at the level of very expensive products with a very reasonable price, around 115$,

Gradually I’ll be telling more about this product range Lumiere de Vie because I think they reserve our attention and space on the blog,

Lumiere De Vie can only be purchased through if you live in Spain but if you live outside Spain must be the page

I hope you liked it, I leave more cosmetic and post reviews

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