Niche brands, Opale Monaco

You all know about my curiosity of searching and finding new and different brands, new brands that brings new things to the beauty world, and some of those new brands can be niche brand, private etiquette, small companies, exclusive products…

Today I want to talk about one of those niche brands, Opale Monaco, a brand with natural origen products with 99% of natural ingredientes or issued from organic, mineral oil free, silicone free and paraben free, 

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

A company that started over 15 years ago in Monaco with Jean Pierre and Gregory Dewerpe as founders, creating a range or products with essential oils contain the best that nature has to offer combined with a unique expertise based on their laboratory’s rigor and ethical standards,

A brand that needed a space in our blog,

Not doubt that one of the things that catch my attention from the first moment was the very well done packaging, not just the cristal containers and the screenprinted on them but also the boxes with sealed stamps for warranty, great quality materials and well put together image for a brand with niche products of high quality, 

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

Today I am going to talk about two products, both for the face care, the first are breakable vials Eclat D’Opale, with natural extracts, AHA’s, oatmeal, strawberry, essential oils and citrus geranium,

5 Breakable vials with a very soft and lightweight texture that provides with an instant lift effect and works the skin to create a more refine and soft texture,

Can be apply as a serum for an intensive effect or you can use it as a makeup base for those special occasion to also use the lifting effect to create a flawless finish,

Price 5 breakable vials 98$.

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

The next product I want to talk about is a dry oil, you all know how much I love dry oil to moisture my hair, but I never use it on my face, Pearl of Opale is the mixture of vitamins in the marula and musk rose oils regenerates and repairs the skin, for a youthful and radiant complexion,

Gives freshness, glow and radiant to the face, and cause is a dry oil it moisture without adding extra oil to the skin, also treats the firmness, 

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

No doubt that I really liked to try out this product with this texture as a moisturizer, I liked it and gave me the opportunity of trying out different type of texture on my face, and the radiant effect is amazing,

I tried as my moisture treatment but also I tried it as an extra glow and radiant treatment on my normal skin care routine, add a few drops on your cream and you will have also the effect as an extra product if you don’t want to change your routine,

Price 82$.

Opale Monaco, marca nicho

Opale Monaco, marca nichoNiche

It has been a pleasure to try out this brand and its products, and one of the most attractive parts is the natural origen ingredients,

Here you have more beauty posts,

See you soon and be happy, 

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  1. Eva Maria Solvas Luque says:

    Tienen muy buena pinta, pero en estos momentos sería un lujo para mi bolsillo, que no puedo permitirme. Pero gracias por tu labor e información sobre productos de tan buena calidad. Un saludo.

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