6 natural steps to eliminate the cellulite

A few days ago I wrote a post about products to reduce the cellulites, today I will give you more natural tips and steps to be able to reduce it, easy routines steps that can be add to any life style to reduce that accumulation of the fat,

Before starting with the tips lets remind what is cellulites, fertile women as genetic tent to accumulation fat on the hips areas for the prevention of a pregnancy as a stock of energy resources, so all the women, all, have the cellulites problem, some less than other cause some of them have a healthier life than others,

Now that we have that clear out lets begin with the natural tips to reduce cellulite,

6 pasos naturales para eliminar la celulitis

6 pasos naturales para eliminar la celulitis

1. Healthy diet, I know that I have told you that so many times, but have a balanced healthy diet low in saturated fats and high in fruits and vegetables is essential, alkaline foods, fruits and vegetables, help to balance the body and reduce accumulation of fat.

A healthy diet not only help you to keep reducing accumulating fat, also increase the daily energy but also shows on your skin having a more radiant and glow skin.

2. Drink water, drinking water keeps your body hydrated which is essential, but also reduce the accumulation of liquids, reduce cellulite activating the lymphatic system.

Start the day by drinking water as the first thing will help you cleanse the body, if you can’t drink plain water in the morning add a few drops of fresh lemon juice, and if you drink cold water that will activate your body to warm up the water, starting burning calories from the morning.

3. Changes the type of salt, all doctors always advise to reduce the salt intake, in my case I couldn’t really do it, I can’t deal with bland food, so I decided to change the salt from the refined salt to sea salt or low-sodium salt.

The refined salt helps to accumulate fluid, toxins and fat in your body.

4. Detoxifying the body, having a healthy diet with alkaline foods help eliminate toxic acids of the cells, but these toxin acids get loose on the body and to reduce have to stick in other cells is need to clean the body, one of the options not very fancy but effective, is the colon cleansing a few times a year to have a completely remove and clean the toxic acids,

A day detox diets can be a lightweight and soft cleaning to keep your body clean,

5. Massaging the area, targeted massage in the accumulation of cellulite stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic system and the elimination of fat and toxins,

Use circular motions in the accumulation area helping with a body brush, include it in your daily routine and see results in a few weeks,

6. Move and sweat, exercise is one of the key pieces to remove accumulated fat concentrated in the affected area, exercises such as squats or leg exercises, daily routine such as walking, climbing stairs, running or cardio exercise,

Having an active lifestyle helps not allow fact to accumulate and eliminate it, also thanks to the release of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, you feel good, happy and proud of your self after the work out, so not excuse,

Include these tips in your daily life can make see results in a few weeks, including a anti-cellulite products can help, but the natural remedies could be a easy way to keep the routine and motivate yourself to keep up,

Here you have  more get ready for the summer posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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