Resolution special effects products giveaway

Hi! the day has come! the day I am telling you the resolution of the special effects products giveaway! 
The giveaway was closed the 30th of September and today 5th of October I will reveal the winner!
Firstly I want to tell you that all these products I had bought them myself, nobody has sponsored this giveaway, I wanted to thank all of you the support you always give me. 
Resolución sorteo material efectos especiales resolution special effects giveaway Silvia Quiros
And to know the winner and the reasons why is the winner here you have the video, 
And here are all the youtuber that has help me to get the winner, these are their channels and giving me between 1 to 3 possible winners adding all the votes we get the winner, 
Sara Collia 2 votos
monzespxndx   1 voto
GNRdream 1 voto
Paula Garcia 1 voto
Thanks so much to participate and to follow me! 
Until next time, 


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