Food to avoid after the work out

We have talked various times about the food that helps us loose weight, also the food good for our health… today we will go a bit deeper and we will talk about the food that we should avoid after working out.

Comidas que evitar después de hacer ejercicio

Comidas que evitar después de hacer ejercicio

The first options we all think and everyone suggest is to take a banana before or after the workout, and that’s great but depending of the state of the banana that can help or not, if we go for a fresh, yellow almost green banana it will take to much time our body to break it down and it won’t work as well as if we take a madure with brown spots banana, that will break down very easily on our body and we will get the nutrients we need right away.

Another food to avoid cause is very heavy is the hummus, I know is delicious but because is very heavy full of starch and fat is not the best food to take before or after the workout.

This is something you may get surprised for, the coconut water, I know this have quiet a healthy fame but even having a bunch of good benefits also has tone of sugar into it, so is better to avoid it before and after the workout.

As the same with the smoothies as before, if we buy them it can be full with sugar that we don’t want to have before or after the workout, so avoid them and make sure you go for made at home smoothie.

This could be shocking but even being very healthy the green of a salad can give you gas and bloating during your work out so is better to avoid them right before going to workout.

And in a general reference is not good to eat raw vegetables right after your workout, I know they are very healthy, low calories, not fat but they don’t give you enough energy to recover to avoid them after workout.

This is obvious but let’s make it clear, is not good to eat fast food and fries etc after the workout I know that it feels like we could allow it cause we work so hard but they are full of fat and the fat slows down our metabolism and that’s exactly the opposite of what workout does.

And keeping in this line chocolates, sweets, sugary drinks all of them are high in sugar and in fat and will do the same, slow down our metabolism and do the opposite of what we have achieve with the workout and also break down the healthy season we had.

Well I hope it’s been useful this list of products you should avoid after workout and the reasons why, here you have other tips posts that may interesting you too,

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