My 2016 resolutions

Today I want to share with you my 2016 resolutions, why I had chosen those resolutions and I encourage you to follow me in this yearly mission and also to share with me your resolutions so we can motivate each other to finish the year with the feeling that we did it! os for that I had chosen very realistic resolutions, not easy but doable!

Mis propósitos para el 2016

Mis propósitos para el 2016

One of my first resolutions is to work on my anxiety, but this is to general so I will specify a bit more in what I want to work this year.

1 Be more affective with my family, I have to work in the sensation and feeling I have when I have to be affective with my close people and that feeling of wanting to get away, I have to be more loving and caring in a more showing off way.

2 I need to have more social life, I mean not letting myself get excuses to not doing plans that are been offered to me, force myself into doing them even if I don’t want to and even offer some plans myself.

3 Spend less time alone in home, this is going to be very difficult for me, I am so comfortable alone at home that I need to get out more often, not just for a walk but also to meet people.

4 Travel more, this is not easy cause I need time and money but I have to travel more, I love traveling and it makes me feel so good and free and it helps my anxiety so much, so this year I have to travel at lest 3 times outside Spain, I have planed one trip to NY by the end of the year but I need to do two more!

5 Work in getting more close and warm on my channel, I am close and fun person but is hard to see that on my channel so I have to work on showing you guys that I am like that.

6 Make my beauty channel grow, as you could see in the last two months of 2015 I’ve been working a lot on my beauty channel and I want to keep doing that in 2016, I want to spend more time on that channel, higher quality and dedication to make it grow strong this year.

7 Resume spinning, this is something I’ve being thinking about for long time, after so many years of practicing that sport I become very picky on the teachers so I stop attending any class to just go to good ones and that makes me to stop going that often until I eventually stopped, so this year I want to resume it!

8 Read my National Geographic History books collections, I have a big collections of history books that I have in front of me every day nearly screaming at me read me and I never go around to do so, so this year I have to spend some time on that.

9 Drawing, another thing that I stop doing cause it demand so much time and clearness that I couldn’t get around to do it this year, but I have to get back to it cause is one of my most important skills and I don’t want to waste it! I even though of using my third channel, the vlog channel, to show you how I draw.

10 Moving out, this is a bit more complicated, for so long I had on my mind the idea of moving out of Spain once again, specially this 2015 I felt I need to go away, I even started the year with new event on my life that has given me the free feeling of moving away, would I make it? let’s see!

Well guys those are my 2016 resolutions, they are real resolutions that will need tone of work but I am pretty sure I can get them done!

Leave me a comment with yours I am very curious of which one are!

See you this afternoon with a very very pretty makeup tutorial! Don’t miss it out!

Be happy!

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  1. Envuelta en crema says:

    Muchas veces no está de más hacer listas al comienzo de año porque es una manera de no olvidar lo que siempre nos prometemos y nunca cumplimos 😉

    Lo de la vida social nunca está de más porque me siento identificada contigo, nunca tengo tiempo o no todo el que quisiera.

    ¡Te deseo un feliz año! ¡un abrazo!

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