Thanks for this 2015 and Happy 2016

Today I only want you to say thanks for this year, 2015 is has been a very different year, so many changes, so many goals and so much fighting for my career and for my inner me, a year that I will remember for so long and honestly is a year I had to live and experiment and grow as a person and on my career.

This 2016 is going to be a big year, I have so many expectations and to fight agains my fears to improve  personal, family and career wise, high goals that will make me work very hard one more year but I am not afraid.

I want to thank you for all your support during the year, with my makeups, my tutorials and also for my private life, all the support I received is amazing, thanks.

This 2016 is coming strong for me and for you so be strong and be brave!

I made a video with all that has happen on my FX youtube channel!

See you next year! tomorrow! on my beauty channel! be happy,

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