Tips for summer makeup

Now that we are deep into the summer let me give you some tips to makeup our makeup last longer perfect, also I will give you some tips everybody should do when is hot,

Consejos de maquillaje para verano

Consejos de maquillaje para verano

Reduce the makeup, this is very logic, the first thing to reduce when the summer is here after the clothes is always the makeup, use less quantity of makeup will make you feel more confortable and also will leave you with less pressure of having to keep up tone of makeup with the heat on full range.

Go for a waterproof formulas, this is also very logic, if you want to keep using makeup let’s go for a waterproof formula, but not just for the mascara but also for foundation, eyeliner or even blush.

Reduce the coverage and density of the foundation, one of the first things I always suggest is to reduce the coverage and density of the foundation, if you want to still use something to unify your skin shade go for a tinted moisturizer, for a BB cream, or for a foundation water base which are more light, but in this season we tent to have tan and the face tent to feel and look better without foundation.

Anti shine primers, if you face is very pro shine them let me suggest you to go for a anti shine primer, these products and be use before the foundation but also can be use on it’s own to mattify the face.

Hydrate more than normal, we hear this everywhere but is very important to keep our face moisturized, we need to keep using our daily products first cause the skin is exposure to the sun and cause when we see the sweat we can think that our skin doesn’t need extra hydration to keep it but that’s wrong we need to keep adding moisturizer so we prevent the dehydration of the skin which can cause fine lines, peeling of the skin etc.

Protect your lips and moisturize them, the lips is another delicate area, we need to protect them from the sun and moisturize them to keep them fresh and healthy, so use a lip balm with sunblock.

Use sunblock even if you are not going to be expuse, this is important, we need to use sunblock even if we are not going to be expuse to the sun in the beach or pool, now in summer the sun is very strong and can damage the skin easily, so use sunblock even if you are in the city, if you don’t have the routine the have on sunblock during the all year at least do it in summer time.

Extras, if you have a party or an event to attend and you have to wear makeup here are some extra to have in mind, use primers for the face and for the eyes to prevent from moving your makeup, go for a waterproof foundation, before powdering use blotting papers to absorbe the excess oil of the face, fix makeup products are our friends and go for waterproof products.

I hope you like these tips and that you will enjoy the summer with or without makeup, here you have more posts tips,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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