Tips to prevent splits ends

Who doesn’t like to prevent split ends? I do and I love to check out remedies to prevent from happening, so today I wanted to resume a small list of different tips to prevent these ends from splitting,

Consejos para prevenir las puntas abiertas

Consejos para prevenir las puntas abiertas

Reduce the application of heat on the hair, even if you think this is a torture, not using straighteners or curlers are great to prevent damage of your hair mostly on the ends,

Avoid chemicals, try to avoid using chemicals that will damage your hair even if you dye your hair try to separate the application to give more time to your hair to breath,

Moisturize the ends every day, in my case that I have very dry hair I apply dry oil every day on my ends, moisturizing every day your ends will prevent from splitting up and breaking out,

Massage your scalp, this is something that will improve the stage of your hair in general, massaging your scalp will activate the circulation going to the hair and will improve the appearance of the hair,

I hope you liked these tips that are very easy to implement into your routine and that actually work to prevent split ends, here you have more tips posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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