Avoid chipped nails

Who doesn’t love a perfect nails fresh from the manicure every day? I do! and for that I developed and polished a technique to keep my nails from chipped as long as I can, so today I want to share with you some of my tips,

Evita que se te descascarillen las uñas

Evita que se te descascarillen las uñas

Polish the surface of the nail, not just fine them but also polish them, the nails are uneven, has striations and imperfections so make sure you polish them to have a perfect smooth surface that won’t chip that easy,

Wash your hands before starting the manicure, this is something that if you don’t get an explanation you may don’t think about it, but our nails have oil on them and to get a better grip from the nail polish to the nails is better to remove them, so washing your hands before doing your manicure will do it and if you add a scrub even better,

Use a base coat, this is not a commercial thing, is good to have a base for your nails to get a better fix and also durability, while treat them and taking care of them, I do go for a treatment base to help to my strength and great health condition of my nails,

Leave them to get dry, I know this is almost impossible but leave them at least 30 minutes on their own to get dry and get a better grip,

Apply a resistant top coat, instead of going for a just shine coat, use a resistant version to have a protection coat,

Put your nails in iced water, this is something I share with you not long ago, put your hands or nails on an iced water boll and leave them a bit, this will speed up the drying process and it will reduce the time we have to mess them up before they get dry,

Reapply the top coat every day, this is the best trick to avoid chipping, but make sure you go for a not so thick formulas cause some top coats are very thick and when applied few coats can get quarter them, so add the first coat with the thick to protect and for the rest of the days and coats go for a thinner version,

These are my tips to make my nails last perfect longer time and it works each step helps to avoid chipping as much as you can,

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See you tomorrow and don’t miss the so expected Frozen Elsa from Frozen, be happy,


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