How to get a perfect manicure

A perfect manicure says so much about a person, how it takes care personally, the attention to details, a good presence, having a perfect manicure can be a identity signal, aside of brands I will give you some tips to achieve the perfect manicure,

Como conseguir una manicura perfecta

Como conseguir una manicura perfecta

1. Buff out the nails, erase the ridges and scales of the nail will give that smooth base to create a unify and perfect manicure,

2. Apply a base coat, this will prepare your nail for the color and also will avoid the stains from the bright nail polish colors that can happen on the nails, also will make it last longer,

3. Apply two or three coats of your chosen color, depending of the brand, add a few coats to create a solid and unify color on the nail, always wait until the upper part of the coat is dry before adding a new coat, with a few minutes will be enough,

4. Apply a top coat, adding this coat will make the finish look more polish, shiny and unified, and also will protect the color for longer time,

5. Clean the cuticles, to have a perfect manicure is good to clean up the cuticles from excess product, take a cute tip dip in nail polish remover and clean them up, a simpler remedy is the next day in the shower take the excess off with your nails, easy and effective,

6. Recover, after a few days the color tents to lose the shine, add an extra top coat layer to bring back the freshness of the manicure,

I hope you liked it, here you have more nail posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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