6 natural ingredientes that moistures the most your skin

Now that we are all in the Fall season the skin start to dry out and we have to be ready to keep our skin moisturized, for that I prepare a small 6 ingredientes list to keep your skin hydrated that you should search on  your products to keep it in the better moisturized conditions,

6 ingredientes que más hidratan la piel

6 ingredientes que más hidratan la piel

Coconut oil, one of the most hydrated ingredients to the skin, nails, hands and feet or the hair, this oil can be used directly on the skin,

Olive oil, the always effective Olive oil is one of those products that moisturize deeply and can be found in many products, try this oil directly on nails for extra hydration, but this is a grease oil but also has extra antioxidant that protects the skin from dark spots and fine lines,

Aloe Vera, this is one of the ingredients that makes a product that not only has a high hydration but also a calms and restore, if you have a small aloe vera plant at home you have the solution to moisturize problems but also help with burns or cuts,

Honey, this is a very sticky product to apply directly to the skin but this is one of those ingredients that not only provide much hydration but also leave skin glowing,

Beeswax, this is one of the ingredients you should look for in your lip balms, provide high hydration and not like other balms unwaxed that what they do is create a surface layer,

Almond oil, one of my most used oils that have many uses and very moisturize, perfect for applying on hair moisturizer as part of your treatment,

I hope you liked it, I leave more natural tips,

See you tomorrow and be happy

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