Beach essential

We are in a season that we going often to the beach, because we life near the beach or we are in vacation and we need to be aware or bringing with us some essential products and items, today I will tell you which one are and why!

Imprescindibles para la playa

Imprescindibles para la playa

Sunblock, this is an essential, we can stay on the sun without sunblock, even if we are not sunbathing the reflection on the sand or water can also affect us, so make sure you protect yourself from the sun UV to prevent the early aging, sunburns and also to reduce the possibilities of skin cancer, add a lip protección with a lip balm with SPF,

Straw hat, these are the hats that gives less heat, protects from the sun and prevent sunstrokes without adding extra heat,

Towel or beach mat, where we can lay down and relax, beach mat are prefect for controlling the sand getting everywhere and the combination of the towel and beach mat are the best,

Water, we can never go to a intense heat without water, dehydration is something that happens very often in summer and more in the beach, so make sure you keep hydrated, and do not lay the bottle on the sun, bury the water on the sand is a great trip,

Sunglasses, protect our eyes is very important too, use glasses that protects from the sun UV and are polarized, the best to reduce the UV damage on your eyes,

Face spray, this is an extra that can become essential, refresh your face from time to time makes it much easier to stay on the heat,

Hair protection, if you want to reduce to the maximum the damage of the sun use also a hair protection, use it before the sun exposure and after each bath, adding a brush and some hair bands are great idea,

Bag and flip flops, these items are those that don’t need to remind but use a straw bag that isolates the heat better and for the flip flops stick them to the sand to prevent the sun hitting them and get to hot,

I hope you liked it and that you will enjoy the beach this season, here you have more tip posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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