4 ingredients to avoid in our face cream

Every day comes out new ingredientes for our face creams and many times we don’t really know what they are and what effect they have in our skin, most of them are beneficial or have no effect but some of them are better no to have them as ingredientes in our face cream, so we better watch out and make sure those ingredientes are not part of it,

You just need to check the ingredientes list of our cream to make sure it doesn’t have any of these 4 ingredientes,

6 ingredientes a evitar en tu crema facial

6 ingredientes a evitar en tu crema facial

Mineral oils and petroleum, these ingredients can be found in different cosmetics products like cleansers, and actually what it does is tent to accumulate more toxins and clog your pores,

Sodium Lauryl sulfate, these ingredientes are found in cleansers, they create the foam, and they actually tent to dry out and eliminate the natural healthy oils of the skin,

Triclosan, this ingrediente is present in many cleansers and soaps but is actually classified as pesticide,

Artificial fragrance, is better to go for products which fragrance is essential oils or natural perfumes,

I hope it´s been useful, here you have more cosmetics posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,


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