Avoid mosquito bites in a natural way

Getting the warm weather here, summer, vacations… one of the most uncomfortable situation we want to avoid are the so not liked mosquito bites, and seams that is something we can denied of this season, well today I will give you tips and suggestions to try to repel the mosquito and its bites,

Evita las picaduras de mosquito de forma natural

Evita las picaduras de mosquito de forma natural

One thing we have to have in mind that mosquito are attractive to sugar taste blood, but for that they need to taste it first, so today the natural remedies are to prevent that from happening and have a bit more relaxed summer,

1. Lavender oil, if you apply this oil in pulse areas the mosquito will stay away,

2. Eucalyptus oil, a smell that the mosquito dislike, if you mixed together the lavender oil and this oil become a powerful mixture,

3. Black pepper, if we can find black pepper essence oil, neem seeds essence oil and mixed with the lavender oil you will have the most powerful combination,

4. Garlic, one of the most interesting options is to create the blood and body smell in a disliking to mosquito essence, eating garlic can cause that,

5. Citronella, this is a natural mosquito repellent plant, have it at home and they won’t enter,

6. Melissa, crushed this plant mixed with essential oils and you will have the perfect body repellent balm,

Bur if they still get you use a banana peel, lemon slice or a slice of onion to calm down the itchiness and pain, 

I hope it’s been useful, here you have more post for summer,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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