How to reduce the dark circles

One of the most headaches giving is the dark circle areas for women and men, those dark purple or blue areas under the eyes that part comes from genetics and part comes from the nutrition, resting and the skin care,

In this post I will give you some tips to try to reduce and control that dark circle ares, tips that you mind already know or they mind be new for you!, lets get started, 

Como reducir las ojeras

Como reducir las ojeras

Hydration, hydration is a very important step on the health, both inside and outside, keep moisturized your skin but also maintain hydration from the inside too, drink water during the entire day, but dose the water through the day and not just drink a glass of water a couple of times a day,

Resting, sleeping well is one of the keys of reducing the dark circle, sleep on your back with a big lift up your head will stimulate the blood flow which will reduce the dark circles,

Eating healthy, add vegetables and fruits to your diet will detoxify your body which will positive effect,

Daily cleansing, remove your makeup daily before going to bed, that will prepare your skin for the cell regeneration to get the best result in the morning,

Specific skin care treatment, apply an eye contour cream on the area every day, that will activate the circulation, reduce inflammation and unify the skin tone, that will be one of the most effectives steps, apply an eye contour cream with the ring finger, which is the weaker of all the fingers, and apply it on the eye bones, around the socket, not any closer to the eye,

Cucumber, the classic slice of cucumber on the eyes will gives freshness to the eyes and reduce inflammation of the dark circles,

Color correctors, now we are talking about makeup, use a concealer with specific color, color correctors, that will cancel the colors of the dark circles, use a salmon concealer to conceal a purple shades and a yellow concealer to cancel the blue shades,

Highlighting, use one shade lighter concealer under the eyes in a triangular shape to highlight and unify this area, that will hide dark circles,

I hope you like this tips and you will put them in practice, if you have any other tips please share with me in a comment, I would love to add more tips to my routine,

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See you tomorrow and be happy, 


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