4 Ways to keep your hair moisturizerd

Firstly guys sorry for not posting for these three days but I’ve been having so many problems with the server and it didn’t allow me to post new contest, but seems like everything is solve now!

Today I want to share with you my tricks and tips to keep your hair moisturized, something that we think just suffer the people that has dry hair or skin, but dehydration is not related to that, hydration is the water on the hair or skin, so even the oil sky can suffer from dehydration and the dry skin can not, so is good to have a nice moisturizer routine to keep it nice and smooth, today I will share my hair moisturizer tips,

Cabello hidratado

Cabello hidratado

1. Wash your hair often and with abundant water, even we have been told that wash your hair daily can create dehydration that’s not true, water provides moisture so wash your hair daily if you want and with much water, what actually creates dehydration are the shampoo and products we use to wash our hair, so chose a gentle or moisturizing shampoo,

2. Moisturize the ends, that’s something we all know, a dehydrated ends will look without volumen, with open ends, and frizz  so keep you ends nice and moisturized using mask or conditioners, my personal favorite are the dry oils, the dry oils don’e add oil to the hair but adds hydration, almond, coconut or argan oil are my favorite, apply it on the middle and ends of the hair and see the magic happen,

3. Air dry your hair, even with the new technologies still using blow dryer drys out your hair, so as much as you can try to air dry your hair,

4. And for the last brush your hair daily, even a few times a day to spread the oil from the skull all over the hair, that will keep it more hydrated, and careful to not pull from it, first untangled it brushing from the ends to the top and then brush it as normal, and never ever brush your hair when is wet cause is when more fragile is and more damaged we can inflict to it, if you have a tangled hair used a big open bristles brush which is softer and more gentle,

I hope you liked my tips and tricks, for the summer I always add a sun protector, the sun of this season will make the water of your hair to evaporated and get drier hair, so keep it protect while you are on the sun,

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See you tomorrow and be happy,

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