Basics 10 Anti-aging

We will resume the basics for this week, but before starting with today´s matter I wanted to make clear that I am against the concept that are talking about today, not these products but the explanations or name their had been giving to them, they give a wrong idea, false expectations and create frustrations. 

The products I am talking about is the anti-aging products, anti-aging for me means no aging and the only situation that I can think in not aging which means not growing up which the only means I can think is stop aging, so stop living.

Basics 10 Anti-edad anti aging Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

For me the correct naming of these products will be more like “products to age better” or “to get the best skin on your age”, explaining a concept that is correct and doesn´t give false hopes or wrong concepts! that really express what we want for our skin or ourselves! 

Now that we have that concept correctly named let´s start talking about which one are these products. The anti-aging products are base on moisturizing concepts, and treat specific aging problems or stage of the skin, like sagging, wrinkles, photo-aging, redness, pigmentation, solar elastosis, keratoses, poor skin texture etc, concentrating in one or few problems at once, so you will need to focus in one or two problems and treat them. 

These products normally are part of our daily skin care routine, depending of the cream can be a day cream, a night cream or a cream to be use for day and night cream, also can be found extra products like masks, serums, eye creams, toners etc. 

*Osmowhite Radiance mask, a special face mask, this is not an specific anti-aging product to use every day, but more like giving a special radiance look to the face to use once a week, a superficial peeling mask that remove the death cells, cleansing deeply and increasing the moisture of the skin, reducing the cutaneous aging with a osmotic effect, which is an activation of the blood system.  

Basics 10 Anti-edad anti aging Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

*Rituals Essential anti-aging day cream, a day cream moisturizer that reduce the superficial lines of the face, thanks to the botanic extracts that stimulate the radiance of the face, giving a more dewy, luminous and soft look to the face. 

Has a SPF15 protection and has a soft and creamy texture. 

Basics 10 Anti-edad anti aging Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

*Decléor Radiance smoothing cream, a cream for the first wrinkles to help smooth out the skin thanks to the bio-retino and hibiscus extract, with high moisturizing effect that normally is one of the reason to show the first lines and with a pollution protection thanks to the cherry blossom buds and micro-proteins of moringa oleifera, leaving a smooth and soft skin thanks to the Zudzu and water lily extracts, and the essential oils from nerolu and petitgrain gives softness to the face. 

Thanks to these moisturizing and smoothing aspect gives a softer and smoother appearance of the face. 

Basics 10 Anti-edad anti aging Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

*YSL Forever youth liberator SPF 15 day cream, a product form the youth liberator range which we had talked about before, this is a very moisturizer day cream that brings back the radiance and dewy finish to the skin from the younger skins, protecting from the sun with a SPF 15 and combining a creamy texture very comfortable to use. 

Has a moisturizing effect combine with a micro-mirror particles that reflects the light and has a radiance and luminous effect on the skin. 

Has a very creamy texture, perfect for dry and very dry skins, but it could be a bit to thick for a more mixed skin. 

Basics 10 Anti-edad anti aging Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

*Sensilis Idyllic, is a exceptional cream base in in vitro researches increasing the epidermic cells in 60%, protecting the epidermic stem cells DNA from breaking from the intense stress.

The principal ingrediente of Idyllic is the Stem Cell complex, a exclusive complex with active ingredients that acts on the epidermic stem cells, improving the life conditions increasing the longevity and adding energy to it, with a rejuvenating effect to the skin structures. 

Contains exotic flowers, Lily of the Nile to restructure the skin, the sacred Pink lotus with a anti-oxidante effect and the passion flower to add softness and precious stones, an exclusive combination of diamond dust, amethyst and sapphire, which endows the skin with intense luminosity.  

Basics 10 Anti-edad anti aging Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

*Atashi itsu anti-aging corrector cream, a daily cream that smooth out the wrinkles and expression lines with a high hydration and relaxing effect. With white tea extract and water lily milk for a relaxing and calm effect on the skin. 

Contains Spilanthol® 50, a molecule with a high relaxing powder that affects the neuromuscular junction slowing the emerge of new wrinkles and reducing the one are already there, the molecular Retinol stabilized film gives a smooth surfaces. 

Leaves the skin moister, smooth and relaxed. 

Basics 10 Anti-edad anti aging Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

Products that will help you to achieve a softer, smoother, relaxer and more luminous face, giving moisture and elasticity helping to get the best skin stage for your age. 

I hope you liked it and that you will take this treatments as what they are, no miracles, just helps, the time goes by and there is not turing back, but that´s good that means we are living!

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Until next time, 

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  1. Paloma Palóp says:

    Estoy contigo con lo que llamar a estos productos de una forma errónea, yo también pienso que dan falsas expectativas y que no ayudan para nada con eso! lo mejor es ser honestos y no hacer una publicidad engañosa! gracias por el post Silvia

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