Blackheads, what are they and how to remove them

I think that we all suffer of those undesirable that comes off in any part of the face, the awful blackheads, so today I wanted to create a post all about it, what are they exactly and how to remove them.

Puntos negros, que son y como quitarlos

Puntos negros, que son y como quitarlos

Lets start by explaining what are the blackheads, they are pores will with dead cells, oil from the skin and bacteria, when this pore gets filled in it expands and when expands more can be fill in and once this substance get in touch with the air oxidants and become black, those are the blackheads.

Now that we have what are they let’s talk about two missleading concept about them, first is that they blackheads leaves a scar if you touch them, no, they are acne that don’t leave scaring, and the second misslead is that they are not infections so we need to squeeze them and take the off, well they are infections and if you touch them the infection goes worse.

When how we take them off? easy and effective, we treat them as infections and use a treatment with salicylic acid or tretinoin to dissolve the dirt and eliminate the blackhead, this treatment can be a special cream.

And to avoid to come back you can have a good cleansing routine every day, exfoliate regularly to remove the dead cells, use products to control the excess oil of your skin and add beauty products to your routine that has salicylic acid if you are prone to have them.

I hope you liked it and it’s been helpful, here you have more tips tops,

See you tomorrow and be happy,


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