Use the makeup in different ways

Makeup is fun and is not just to beautify but also to have fun, today I will tell you some products that can be use in other ways and different parts of the face!

Usa el maquillaje de diferentes formas

Usa el maquillaje de diferentes formas

Use eyeshadow as eyeliner, this opens the possibilities of creating any type of eyeliner, and experimenting with lighter shade for the summer that we feel like using something softer, and if you want to have it more intense and last longer add a bit of a fix makeup to the eyeshadow, it has to be baked eyeshadow, to create a fluid version of the eyeshadow.

Play to mix lipsticks, to create a different shade or to enjoy playing creating your own shade of lipstick, use two, three… the limits is in your hands.

Mixed the pencils, you can use the lip pencils on the eyes for a different and vibrant look or you can use the eye pencil on the lips for a crazier look, remember the eye pencils are a bit drier so you may have to use a balm or lip gloss on top.

Lipstick as blush, this is not new thing and is not something different but is practical and fun, use your favorite lipstick as a blush is a great trick to have another use of it.

Use eyeshadow on the lips! yes yes use eyeshadow on the lips, will give a vibrant look, use glitter or shimmer eyeshadow, tap a bit of product on the center of you lips and it would look amazing!

I hope you liked these different ways of using makeup, here you have more makeup posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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