The correct steps to follow on your skin care routine

I am all the time talking about products, tips, techniques etc.. but I am feeling like I am not talking enough about the correct way to use these products, the correct order to get the best effect possible on your skin care routine,

So today I am going so show you the correct steps to follow on your skin care routine,

Pasos correctos a seguir en tu rutina facial

Pasos correctos a seguir en tu rutina facial

Remove makeup, this is the first step, but just if you have makeup on obviously, other wise you can move to the next step, is important to use products specially created them to remove makeup, but also use special products for the eye area,

Cleaning, this will be the second step or the first if you don’t have makeup on, but if you remove the makeup you will still have to clean your face, is another step not a substitute, so use special products or soaps to clean your face,

Tonic, this is an essential step if you are washing your face with water to bring back the balance on you face PH, use the tonic or for it self will take over a couple of days to do so,

Treatment, now is when the special treatment should be applied, a serum, concentrate or a special intensive treatment, the serum and concentrate are great to also help the cream we will apply afterwards to penetrate better and have a more effective result,

Eye cream, now is when we apply the eye cream, before the hydrate cream and after the serum, the skin around the eye area is very fine and absorbs just a bit of product so it’s better to be the specific product for that area,

Moisturizer, now is time to have our moisturizer on, can be an specific anti aging, for oily skin or dry skin moisturizer, but that will hydrate our skin,

Extras, this is the time we can add the extra treatment like moisturizer for the lips, or treatment for the eyebrows or eyelashes…

If you keep the skin care routine every day, for day and night time you will see your skin improving for sure, this is the basic skin care, you can add face masks or special treatments add to this,

I hope you liked it, here you more products and more tips posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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