Tips to avoid frizzy hair over the summer

Once of the worse things can happen in summer in matter of hair is to have it frizzy, so today I will resume some tips to keep your hair from being frizzy during summer time.

Consejos para evitar el encrespamiento en el verano

Consejos para evitar el encrespamiento en el verano

A sea salt spray, these sprays are great to give a very cool effect on the hair but also will avoid the frizz of your hair, they set the soft curls and beachy waves very nice and with not frizz.

Keep your hair untangled, use this untangling brushes that will keep your hair from getting frizz and also will avoid damaging the hair while doing it, use it often to keep the hair polished.

Hydrate your hair with dry oils, this will keep the weight and bring back the hydration that can be lost over the heat of the summer, so add to your daily routine an application of dry oil on your hair and if keeps frizzing up during the day add an extra one.

Intensify you hair mask application, other way to moisturize your hair is by adding a hair mask to your hair routine and if you are using already you can add an extra application cause one of the reason why the hair frizzes if for the lack of hydration.

Add a sunblock to your hair, this is a perfect product to keep the moisturize and protect your hair from the heat of the Sun, now you can find plenty of brands that do sunblock hairspray, and if you are going to be exposure to the Sun use it!

Use styling products, these can be gels, sprays, foams etc and they will help you to keep you hair controlled and to avoid frizziness of the hair during the hot months of summer, find the finish you prefer from the range of styling products and done!

These are some of the tips I used to keep my hair from frizzing in the summer time where if easy to loose the hydration of the hair, here you have more hair posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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