Different ideas for Valentines day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, in just a few days, and today I put together different ideas for valentine’s date I found on internet that will help you to celebrate this day in a different way with you partner,

I am not saying this day is just for couples, I like to think this day as a love day, even if you are in love or not, or if you are in a relation ship or not you can celebrate this day for sure, but today I will focus on romantic couple dates for this day,

Ideas diferentes para San Valentin

Ideas diferentes para San Valentin

1. Prepare a picnic… in the living room, there is not so many things more romantic that a picnic in a garden or park, but by February 14th is still winter and very cold to spend some time sitting in the grass, so what best alternative to this that doing in the warmth of you home, prepare everything as it should be in the park but do it in the living room, lay out the blanket, prepare the basket with her or his favorite snacks and enjoy a nice afternoon, remember is saturday! there is not excuses

2. Spa at home, still at home ideas, prepare a spa luxury session to share at home, buy a couple of set of luxury robe and slippers, prepare a nice bath with bath salts and bubbles and enjoy it together, then have ready the bedroom set with light scented candles and give to your partner a nice oil massage, never goes wrong!

3. Recreate your love story, this can take a bit of work if you want to really recreate it but it has a simple way, you can send a bouquet with your love story written in a note, and if you can try to recreate it, try to recreate when you first meet or your first date, that really feels so romantic and emotional,

4. Time for both, let’s get advantage that this year Valentine’s day is on Saturday and divide the day so you all both can do things you love, if one of you loves basketball get tickets for a match and if the other person loves musical share that moment too, make the day to be enjoyable for both, for me there is nothing more beautiful that make happy your love one,

5. Do a fort, yeap you read right, do you remember when you were a kid a create a fort or castle on the living room with sheets? well time to come back to that but do it nicely, create it large and cosy, take blankets and tones of cushions… it will be you love nest,

Great ideas to make the most of this day and enjoy with your partner, but you can always go for the simple never go wrong spend the day at bed with each other, not schedules, no time to do something, just enjoying each others company,

I hope you like it and that you will have a great Valentine’s date! here you have more posts about spare time!

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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