Get Vitamin D in winter time

Vitamin D is essential and it’s easy to get the daily dosis in spring and summer time, but things get a bit more difficult in fall and winter, cause in these season in some areas can be missing the Sun for a few days,

Today I will share with you some alternatives ways to get your daily dosis of Vitamin D without the necessity of the Sun,

Consigue Vitamina D en invierno

Consigue Vitamina D en invierno

Salmon, this is one of the best ways to get vitamin D, this is not just a food rich in omega 3 but also in vitamin D, smoked, raw in sushi or cooked this is a very good and very delicious in any way,

Egg yolks, this is another food that is very rich with vitamin D, but careful for the cholesterol, but a couple of times a week is fine,

Mushrooms, rich in vitamin D and very versatile that can de add to many different types of foods, so great for a source of this vitamin,

And some other foods that we can find vitamin D too are milk, soya milk, oranges or cereals are great to add to your daily diet,

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See you tomorrow and be happy,

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