A basic in a wardrobe, a white blazer

Summer or fall one of the basics on any wardrobe is a blazer, a very easy to combine item that can make a look more casual or more dress up,

This white blazer is very elegant and versatile to use and for today I chose this elegant and modern touches making chic and with more style the finish of any outfit,

Un básico en el armario, blazer blanco

Un básico en el armario, blazer blanco

The design of this blazer has a lower revers that goes all the way to the waist with a golden detail as zipper on top of the pockets and a pointed end of the blazer on the front for a more modern feeling,

On the end of the sleeves has a leather looking detail, giving an extra special touch to it,

I has a fine and soft fabric with weight that fit into your body nicely and with movement,

This is an item from Sheinside and a great price,

I hope you liked it, here you have my street style blog VistiendoLA,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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