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The sun is here with almost all his strength and that means trips, beach, sun, light clothing etc and even when knowing that the sun is good for our healthy helping to synthesize vitamin D can also be very dangerous and be cautious with the sun and the sun exposure situations, preventing severe illness or uncomfortable situation like sunstrokes, sunburns or dehydration,

Today I want to share with you my tips and suggestions that I follow through in theses hot months when the sun is in his strongest, but even so they are good to follow even in other months when the infrared are not that strong but the UV still present during the entire year, so they are good to keep up month after month,

Consejos ante la exposición solar

Consejos ante la exposición solar

*Always apply sun screen creams with minimum of SPF30, 30 minutes before the sun exposure and reapply it every 2 hours when this exposure is intense or you sweat or swim, even in winter time when you don’t show off much skin make sure you apply it or that your skin care cream or other skin products has the SPF protection,

*Make sure your sunglasses has a good UV protection and more if you have light color eyes which they are a bit more delicated to the UV and bright lights, and go for homologated glasses,

*Protect your head when in long time and direct exposure of the sun with hats, caps or brimmed hats or stay under the shadow to avoid sunstroke and scalp burns,

*Avoid direct sun exposure between 12pm and 16pm when the sun is more intense and the UV radiation is higher,

*Keep yourself hydrated, even when you are not thirsty keep drinking water regularly, and do not drink water from a plastic bottle that has been on the sun or in a high temperature exposure, cause the heat can release pollutants to the water from the plastic,

*And for the last as always keep a small adaptation process for the skin to the sun with short exposure time the first day and keep increasing day by day to control that reaction,

As extra I can say that taking carotene can help us to prepare the skin to the sun and prolong the tan and until the age 18 we consume the 80% of our solar capital, so is very important to protect our skin from the sun since the first years,

I hope you liked it and now enjoy the sun, here you have more solar posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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