My face brush collection

My makeup brush collection, something I received requested to show so many tines and I had put it on hold for long time, but why I put it on hold for so long? cause I didn´t want to create a necessity when if you don´t do this in a professional way you don´t need so many of them. That´s why I didn´t want to show you my collection.

And why now? well is cause I received so many requests about it that I couldn´t ignore the fact that you really want to see them, so I decided to film a video to show you may complete collection of brushes, but because I have tone of them I will do two videos, on this post you will find the link to see the face brushes and soon enough I will upload the eyes brushes video.

Mi colección de brochas de rostro Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

But cause I have tone of them I won´t specify one by one on this post cause it could get very long post, so I decided to do the video so you will see one and each of them, and here you have the general picture and I will ask you to go to my channel through the link below and check the video.

Mi colección de brochas de rostro Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

What I wanted to let you know is that I do use different makeup brushes brands, for the different types and prices, and chosen the one I like the most and do the job better without choosing for the brand.

I have Sigma, Harlow, Kryolan, Magic Coast, Bourjois, Inglot, Atelier Paris, Luuux, Kiko, Furless, Novara etc brushes, but as you can see I don´t like to pay extra for bushes just because their brand that made them.

My face brushes

I hope you liked it,

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  1. El baúl de Eleanor says:

    Jajajaja que gran verdad Silvia! A veces se crean necesidades desde los blogs, que no son tan necesarias para un público “general” y no profesional. Yo en el tema brochas hace mucho que no merco ninguna, ayer estuve a punto de caer con algunas de Kiko, que andaban en promoción, pero me contuve, tengo muuuuuchas y la realidad es que les doy uso sólo a unas poquitas.
    Muchos besos y te veo el jueves! (si no antes, XD)

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