Tips to be more punctual

Be punctual is very important and says about the attention you give to the event, work or date you are attending, be punctual is a sign of appreciation and interest, so today I will give you the tips it will make you be punctual.

Consejos para ser más puntual

Consejos para ser más puntual

Lo primero es admitir que eres impuntual, que llegas tarde y que tienes que trabajar en ser más puntual, ese es el primer paso para arreglar un problema, reconocerlo.

The first thing is to admit you are unpunctual, that you are late and that you have to work on that punctuality, that’s the first step to change it, recognize it.

One of the oldest tips of the book is to add 5 minutes to your watch at least so you will not be lat, but is you are the one that change it you will know it’s forward so it won’t work, so you have to assume that you need more time and planed with advance, so you need 20 minutes to get ready and 20 minutes to get to the place then plan 1 hour for it so you will make sure you will be on time.

Get in their shoes are one of the best ways to make sure you are not late, thinking that person is waiting for you and dedicating their time to wait for you is enough for you to make you way on time, that applies also to work.

Be punctual takes time, patience and don’t give up, be punctual is important for you present and your image.

I hope you liked it, here you have more tips and coaching pots,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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