Tricks to start better you day

Well guys after the Halloween season is over we return to the regular schedule from the rest of the year, that means FX makeup and character but also beauty makeup, tricks, beauty tips, lifestyle etc so today we resume with a motivation posts, tricks to start better your day, now that we are getting closer to the cold is perfect to have tricks to get ready in the morning for our routine.

Trucos para empezar mejor tu día

Trucos para empezar mejor tu día

Set your alarm set a bit early, that may sounds like something like a torture instead of helping but if you set your alarm clock a bit early that will help you to have all the time you will need to do everything you need to do before starting your day with less stress and hurry, that will make you start happier and with more willing.

Start your day with a warm glass of water, this is something I have told you so many times but still great trick, the warm water with lemon will help you cleans and detox your body for a great start of the day, it also will help you with your intestinal activity.

Dedicate a bit of time for yourself doing what you loved, that’s why we wake up a bit earlier, read a book for a few minutes, or check your favorite blog or youtuber or just enjoy your coffee, that will make you feel that you have some private quality time for yourself and you will start with more willing.

We can’t forget our daily supplements, taking your OPC3 and Vitamin C in the morning is great to start your day and not having to remember during the day if you took them.

And my last trick and for me the one that works best is to do your bed before leaving or starting your day, this psychologically makes your feel like your are ready for the next step of the day and organized your mind and also for me means that you are done with the resting time of the day and you are up to the new phase also I love to come back in night time and find my bed done and ready for me to sleep in.

I hope you liked this tricks to start our mornings together better and easier, let me leave you more motivation posts in case you want to check more of my tricks!

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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