Food that help you fight stress

We have heard so many times the phrase “we are what we eat” and that’s true! what we put in our body makes us feel better or worse, have good or bad mood, be tired or not… and today we are talking about another of those body stage that may affect so many of us, we are talking about food that helps us fight stress!

Alimentos que te ayudan a luchar contra el estrés

Alimentos que te ayudan a luchar contra el estrés

Spinach, you may be thinking in something different that spinach when we talk about fighting stress, but the green leafs of spinach has folate which activates the production of dopamine which calms you down, so if you want to relax each a salad with spinach!

Oatmeal, this is something I use everyday, if you want to start with a good mood add some oatmeal to your breakfast, oatmeal is a complex carb so the brain creates serotonin to control the sugar in the blood, which ends up with a kick of serotonin in your body that will last hours.

Blueberries, love these awesome berries, these are full of antioxidant which not only fights agains free radicals but also controls the stress hormones which helps us to keep calm.

Pistachios, another fruit but dry fruit this time, if you are in a stress situation or have anxiety get a hand full of pistachios, crack them and eat them, just the repetitive cracking motion will calm you down in a physically but also will help calm down your brain and you heartbeat with the phytonutrients.

Dark chocolate, yeap dark chocolate not only help you with your heart health but also with the sweet that has will calm your desire of sweets and the antioxidant will calm the blood vessels which help to calm you down.

I hope you liked it my tips and if you have a stress or anxiety problem put them in practice and if you have other food that helps you with this let me know in a comment below,

Also as a person that suffers these two things I have specific food that calms me down apart of these I talked but that’s just a personal preference,

See you tomorrow and be happy,


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