Make your skin look more fresh

Now that we are back to the routines, school, work… we tent to forget to take care our skin, so today we will go through some tips to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Haz que tu piel se vea más fresca

Haz que tu piel se vea más fresca

Don’t forget your skin, this is the first step, even when we are in vacation, in high stress work season, or we are tired we can’t forget our skin care routine or skip it, our skin will appreciate it and you will see results in a more constant way.

Exfoliate, the skin needs help to remove the dead cells from the night regeneration process, that’s why we exfoliate, to eliminate them and leave the skin fresh and soft, once a week is a good scrub routine, but if you have sensitive skin find your own good timing to exfoliate.

Clean your face, is not enough to take a shower and leave the water and shampoo to go through your face, you need to properly clean your face using just specific soap or a facial brush is mandatory to remove the dirt before going to sleep and remove the dead cells in the morning.

Moisturize, this is a step that we can’t skip and even if our skin may look good still needs moisturizer every day, otherwise it can get dry and mark fine lines or can produce extra oil to balance out the missing hydration, so use a moisturizer every day and every night.

Sun block, and the last general tip I will share with you today is to use sun block all year long even in winter time, protect your face every day of the year is important, I would say all the skin on your body but in fall and in winter is less likely that you will exposure other parts of your skin, so use sun block on your face every day, that will protect your skin from sun damaging and in example the early aging of the skin.

I hope you liked this tips, these are basic tips to keep your skin looking fresh, you can add so many more to this routine but these are the essential,

Here you have more tips posts, see you tomorrow and be happy,

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