The perfect blow dryer routine

We all love how our hair looks after going to the hairdresser right? the big secret is the blow dryer, how they use it to create the best result and to make it laster, today I am not going to show you how to use the blow dryer like a hairdresser but I will give you tips to blow dry your hair in the most effective way and which I think is the best blow dry at home routine.

La rutina perfecta para secarte el pelo

La rutina perfecta para secarte el pelo

The first step after you get out of the shower is to towel dry your hair to remove all the wet possible, them apply your favorite product to give texture, conditioner or detangle and use your towel in a easy way, and if you leave the towel on your hair make sure you don’t leave to long, is not good to dry your hair with the towel on.

The first step is to start with the blow dryer from the front part of the hair, this a bit more tricky part cause is the part that shows the most and if you start from here you have more time to manage this look, so go first here.

Continue with the rest of the hair using a brush to start getting the shape you want and if you are looking for a volume you show put your head down and blow dryer like that using also the brush, this step must last until the hair is almost dry.

And last it would be once you have the shape of you hair drop the brush and use your fingers to loose your hair, do it all over you hair! and we are done now use your favorite styling product.

I hope you liked my tips, they are basic but sometimes the basic works better! here they are more hair related posts!

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