Recycle beauty products

Today we are going to talk about the recycling part that some brands does which are interesting not just cause the recycling part is very important but also to gain something in return extra.

Recicla productos de belleza

Recicla productos de belleza

There are some brands that will motivate you to recycle their containers by bringing them to the sell point and receive a free product in return.

For example is very well known that Back to Mac system, if you bring 6 empty containers to Mac you will be able to pick a free lipstick.

Kiehl’s what it does is if you bring 5 of their containers empty they will let you choose from a any travel side product, how great is that to try new products?.

If you bring back 5 of the black containers empty to Lush they will give you a fresh face mask!! that i’s very cool right!

Bare Minerals helps you to save some money if you save your packaging, bring the empty loose powder packaging to a selling point that has this system and they will refill your powder in a much cheaper way that having to buy a new one!

Them there are some brands that will help you to recycle their containers, sometime we do not know where to put the container, plastic recycling or it’s glass, so there are brands like Origins or Aveda that will accept your empty containers from their brand and make sure they are recycled!

Also we can fink brands like Nike that will accept your old shoes and they will recycle them and create tracks, courts and playgrounds, how awesome is that! just bring your old shoes to their store!

There are the beauty brands that will help you easier to become more green, here you have more tips posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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