Drinks that makes you sleep better

Sleep is a very important part of the day, not just cause we rest and recover energy but also cause is the time for our cells to regenerate and keep our body in the best state possible, so is very important to sleep the right amount of hours, in the right time and with a deep and repairing sleep.

So today I want to share with you some drinks that can help you to fall asleep easier.

Bebidas que te hacen conciliar mejor el sueño

Bebidas que te hacen conciliar mejor el sueño

Lemon water, this is one of my favorite drinks in the morning cause helps with the digestive system but also is good in the evening before going to bed cause it calms you down, that’s why I am always calm down in the morning!

Banana smoothie, the potassium of the banana will relax your muscles and make you feel more calm and ready to sleep.

Warm milk, and old trick, but do not add cinnamon cause it can activate you, drink it warm before going to bed and it will calm you down and get you ready to sleep,

Coconut water, filled with potassium and magnesium will relax your muscles and hydrated your body to make it ready to fall asleep,

Cherry juice or cherry water, the cherry is full of melatonin, substance know for it’s effect in making you falling asleep.

These are some of the drinks that will relax you and make you fall asleep easier, if you have any other drinks please let me know in a comment below which one are, also let me remind you that you can subscribe to this blog and receive all the posts on your email account, just add your email on the little square on the right and that’s it,

Here you have more tips posts, see you tomorrow and be happy,


  1. miradasexy says:

    Yo todas las noches antes de irme a dormir tomo un baso de leche con cola cao, aunque parezca una bebida para chiquillos a mi me sienta muy bien y me ayuda a dormir mejor. En verano la tomo fría, y en invierno caliente.

  2. Joan says:

    Yo suelo tomar leche con miel, fresquita ahora sienta muy bien, pero con este calor es difícil dormir en condiciones.
    También ayuda un puñadito de almendras y/o nueces, que tienen triptófano y magnesio.
    Pero anoche siguiendo tu consejo cene cerezas, y he dormido bastante más, y se nota, entrenas con más ánimo y todo.

  3. Dyson says:

    I have made cherry juice a regular part of my morning and nighttime routines since the first time I tasted it. To make it even better, it is one the easiest sleep tonics you can concoct!

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