Tips to take care of your hair in summer

I know I know, is not summer yet, but who would say differently! the high temperatures of these days we all are looking up to the sun a bit sooner that other years, so today I wanted to do a small post with some tips to take care of your hair in summer,

Consejos para cuidar tu cabello en el verano

Consejos para cuidar tu cabello en el verano

If you dye your hair if good to go for a one shade darker that you shade cause the sun lights up the shade and if you want to keep that shade you need to prevent the lightening,

Use UV hair protection, the sun damage very much the sun and it dries up the ends, so make sure you protect your hair as well as the rest of your body with a UV protection,

If you are doing to the beach or the pool make sure you wash the chlorine and salt off the hair cause if you leave it on your hair it will damaged it so make sure you remove it and moisturized it to keep the good health,

If you can reduce the use of heat tools your hair will appreciate it, this time of the year is very damaging so if we can give a break with the heating tools better,

Use dry oil every day as a moisturizer on your hair, this is one of the best tips I can give you, I have a very dry hair and I use this dry oil every that keeps it very moisturized, with density and healthy, so even more in summer I will increase the application,

These are some of the tips to take care of your hair that the heat is approaching with the summer, here you have more tips posts and also more hair posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,


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