Natural detox of your body

During this season we hear all the time new detox diet, after Christmas diet… but today I want to talk about something more basic, I am going to talk about the natural way our body has to detox and how we can help it without adding stress to our diet and changes,

Detox natural de tu cuerpo

Detox natural de tu cuerpo

Let’s begin saying that our body has a natural way to detox the cells, our body wise and knows what is missing and what is a waste, to help it to do this natural process is the best way to detox our body without any extra and side effects,

The cells of our body has a great capacity of separate the waste and metabolize them, transformen the waste in a matter that doesn’t hurt the body while is being dispose, to dispose the wast our body has a great funcional system, the lymphatic system, a circulatory system that carries up to three liters of liquids, recycled blood plasma, cellular waste, white blood cells etc take them to the connection point to the blood stream to be assimilated to it’s dispose,

The kidneys are called the filters and disposer of the wasted within the blood, they filter the blood and take the wast and move it to the bladder, cause we are talking about liquified wasted,

And finally the liver that as the kidneys they also filter the blood but they take care of the substances that comes from the digestive system, that’s why the liver is affected by the consumption of drugs and alcohol, the liver make sure to transform the harmful substance we digest are transform into none harmful substance to be dispose through the urine and bile,

So our duty is to help these organs and systems to do their job, to keep the kidneys in a high urine production levels drink 2 liters of water every day, to active the lymphatic system do exercise every day, to have a good digestive system keep a diet rich in fiber and to don’t disturb to much the liver reduce the consumption of alcohol and avoid drugs and harmful substances,

And leave your body do it’s job,

I hope you liked it and here you have more health posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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