5 beauty tips for men

Today the protagonist of the post are men, cause even if we don’t think about it, men must also have to take care as beauty matter and so many do so already, so today I gather some beauty tips for men,

5 consejos de belleza para el hombre

5 consejos de belleza para el hombre

Careful with the stubble, the stubble is one of those looks that can look fantastic, it looks attractive and badass but still need to take care of it, if the beard hair grows inwards or with different color is better to go for the beard shaved,

Concealer is a great tool, use it to gently correct dark circles, blemishes or pimples, if you choose a shade of your skin tone and blend it away with your fingers you will get a natural finish without looking like you are wearing makeup,

Moisturize the skin is not just for women, men skin needs hydration too, not only to maintain good skin but also to prevent wrinkles caused by dehydration,

Get used to use cleanser for the skin instead of shower gel for body, leaves a face cleanser in the shower and use it while in the shower,

If you choose to shave with a blade go for the one that has moisturizing strip accessory to avoid skin irritation,

I hope you liked it, I leave more beauty posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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