10 tips to take care of your fingernails

Today we will go through different tips to take care of the fingernails, easy to follow and very logic so you will be able to add them to your beauty care routine for sure,

10 Consejos para cuidar tus uñas

10 Consejos para cuidar tus uñas

1. Don’t bite your nails, that’s the first and most basic tip to take care of your fingernails, don’t bite them,

2. Go for fine the nails instead of cut them, and use the fine in one direction instead of going back and forth,

3. Do the manicure once a week, fine them and take care of them once a week to make sure you have them nice and well treated,

4. Remove the old nail polish always before adding the new manicure nail polish,

5. Use a base coat to prepare and protect your nails,

6. Don’t use your nails as tools, don’t try to open a package with them or scratch something,

7. Apply dry oils on the cuticle every night to keep them hydrated and help them to grow,

8. Cut the water, do not wash your hands too often or you nails will get soft and damaged,

9. Use gloves in winter, this is very important, using gloves in winter you will prevent your nails from deteriorate and dry out,

10. Take vitamins to have better health on your nails and for extension your hair,

I hope you liked this tips, here you have more tip posts,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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