10 important mistakes in skin care

Today I want to share with you 10 important mistakes in skin care that we need to prevent or control to make sure we have a successful routine to get the best results possible,

Sometimes we have and over flood of information, how to take care of skin, products, techniques, suggestions etc.. but sometimes we forget about the mistakes to make sure we don’t do them, information is power,

So today I am sharing with you 10 important mistakes in skin care to be able to avoid them, let’s get started,

10 errores importantes en el cuidado del rostro

10 errores importantes en el cuidado del rostro

1. Don’t use moisturizer crema, this is a very common mistake, even if looks impossible, and it happens more often in oily skins, they tent to think that oily means hydration and that’s wrong, you can have a oily skin but have it dehydrated and on the other hand you can have a very dry skin but have it hydrated, so always for any type of skin use a moisturizer cream,

2. Don’t use eye cream, this is one of my sins, it the only product that really tedious for me to add it to the routine, but is very important to use a special cream for the eye area, this skin is much thinner and needs special treatments to prevent dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles,

3. Use hot water to rinse the face, the hot water can dry out your skin so make sure you use cool water to rinse your face after washing it, tight up your pores,

4. Don’t use tonic after using water, this is a very common mistake, after using water to wash your face the P.h. of you skin gets unbalanced and the skin needs up to 48 hours to balance out again, using tonic after using water helps to balance the P.h.

5. Don’t exfoliate the skin, is very important, every night our skin regenerates and leaves the death cells on the upper part of it, os to remove them we need to exfoliate our skin at least once a week, that will make our skin to look fresher and younger,

6. Over exfoliate, not exfoliating is bad but over exfoliating is also bad, we can irritate our skin, promoting breakouts and possible sensibility in the future,

7. Take your blemishes, I know is tenting, but don’t do it, don’t touch your blemishes or blackheads, they are a reaction of an infection and if you take them can make it worse or spread the infection, so better to exfoliate often and also do a deep facial ever so often,

8. Don’t use sunblock, this is something that I am always suggesting to do every time I talk about sun, our skin, more our face skin, needs to be protected from the sun, that will prevent dark spots, early aging and possible cancer,

9. Don’t remove the makeup before going to bed, this is something that I see more often that I would love to on my clients, removing the make is something very important before bed, at night time is when our skin regenerates so as cleaner and hydrated you can have it better will be the regenerations, plus if you go to bed with dirt or makeup on our face that will promote blemishes and blackheads,

10. Don’t apply cream on the neck and neckline, this is something that has to be part of the skin care routine, taking care of the neck and necklace will help to prevent wrinkles in this area, something we will be happy about it in the future,

Well these are my 10 important mistakes when skin care, I hope it’s been useful, here you have more suggestions,

See you tomorrow and be happy,


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