Vitamin C benefits

We all know how good Vitamin C is for our body, but the why and the benefits is what are we talking about today in this post, is not just a normal vitamin, is much more, it not just helps to maintain healthy the immune system but much more, let’s begin,

Beneficios de la Vitamina C

Beneficios de la Vitamina C

In matter of beauty, vitamin C helps collagen production, which makes the skin elastic and unify, also has healing properties so helps to heal wounds and scars, and protects agains free radicals

When we talk about health is even better, Vitamin C helps regulate level of sugar in blood, so is good for those diabetes suffers which should take an extra dosis of vitamin C will help them control their blood sugar levels,

Also helps controlling the damage of the free radicals on the artereas walls, which provides a good circulation, also stops the bloodstream cholesterol from oxidation which ultimately helps control the good functioning of the heart,

But not only protects us from the free radicals damage, also can protect sensitive parts of the body like the eyes from sun damaged, so by taking a necessary daily Vitamin C dosis can prevent from problems like cataracts and improve the vision, protecting from free radicals mutating cells which can contribute to develop a cancer,

But the big problem about vitamin C is that the body doesn’t produce it, so we need to ingested, and taking food with high level of vitamin C not always is enough can the vitamin C oxidized very quickcly, even before consuming, Because of that vitamin C supplements came along, but the best of them is the isotonic administration which goes directly to the small intestine making the absorption up to 99%,

Beneficios de la Vitamina C

Beneficios de la Vitamina C

The Vitaminc C by Isotonix also contains beta-carotene and potassium, which makes is the perfect combination to help the immune system, protects cells from oxidative stress and strengthens the body’s defenses then by adding the isotonic administration the absorption is very high which brings a more effectiveness of the vitamin C and better outcome,

Beta-carotene helps the vision, skin and mucous membranes, also supporting the immune system, cell differentiation and the specialization cell process,

And the potassion is an electrolyte and macromineral that maintains the fluid balance of the body, contributes the smooth function of the nervous system, muscle activity and good blood pressure, if you suffer from cramps may be for lack of potassium,

This Vitamin C complex can be found in 30 doses and in 90 doses, all exclusively on,

Beneficios de la Vitamina C

Beneficios de la Vitamina C

I am one of those persons that takes vitamin C every day all year around, and if I miss out a few days or weeks I always get the cold,

I hope you liked this post, here you have more health and nutrition post,

See you tomorrow and be happy,

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