Gala allies with BirchBox

Around a year ago Birchbox arrived in Spain and to firm up that relationship Birchbox has allies with the spanish fashion blogger and it girl Gala, creating 4 Colors Club nail polish collection for spring and summer

Gala se alía con Birchbox

Gala se alía con Birchbox

Gala’s Gems are four spring/summer nail polish shades with pearly finish and creamy texture, Aquamarine Azulino is a baby blue pastel, inspired on the sky in spring, Gold Struck is a golden creamy and elegant shade inspired on the summer nights to give the bronze and glamour to those nights, Heirloom Pearls is a ivory white inspired on the moon that spring and summer nights full of magic and Breakfast at… is a fresh mint green inspired on the iconic Tiffany’s green color and the British campaigns at breakfast when the warm weather arrives.  

Gala se alía con Birchbox

Gala se alía con Birchbox

The spanish Birchbox came with one of these Gala’s Gems nail polish and 4 other products:

*TheBalm Cosmetics, How ’bout them apples? a product of cheeks and lips for that fresh look.

*Noabay, body radiance lotion, to moisture and protect the skin with olive and avocado oils, shea butter and aloe vera,

*Eliabeth Arden, eight hour cream skin protectant, inspired on the 8 hour balm, this cream moistures and regenerates,

*Yunsey Porfessional, nutritious serum to regenerate the hair from inside, provinding glycerin and honey quaternized, adds shine and softness

Gala se alía con Birchbox

Gala se alía con Birchbox

Remember that Brichbox is a monthly box with mini sizes of beauty and life style products from prestige brands, adapted to each subscriber taste, 

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See you tomorrow and be happy, 


  1. laura espinosa says:

    Pues te digo la verdad Silvia a mi no me termina por eso. Por las minitallas enanas q meten. Esta caja es solo marketibg. Hay mas cajas y mejores.Saluditos 😉

    • silviaquiros says:

      Claro para gustos están las cajas, a mi me gusta sobre todo por las marcas que viene, que son diferentes a las mismas marcas que tienen otras cajitas, no veras marcas aquí que estén en otras cajas y eso me da curiosidad en probar cosas nuevas! un beso y gracias po pasarte

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